Mar 7 • 1HR 16M

Thomas777 - No Escape From History

My conversation with legendary poster T777 on Ukraine and the future of the West

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I chat with Thomas about Ukraine and historical precedents, Chinese dominance vs. Western hegemony, technology as a motor of history, Liberalism, Religion as a vacuum that needs to be filled, scale, localism, having children and the global fertility decline, going mainstream, making the transition from obscure forums to Substack, his advice for young'uns, and much more.

Thomas777 is a LEGENDARY POSTER, revisionist history connoisseur, cultured thug, capitalization aficionado, and author of Steelstorm. You can find his work on his Twitter @7homas777 and on his Substack.

His recommended subversive thinker is Romanian historian of religion and writer, Mircea Eliade.

This episode is for paid subscribers