This week I talk to GRITCULT

International cultsultant of mystery.

Your weekly podcast update.

This week I talk to GRITCULT, the mysterious person behind the GRIT empire of Twitter accounts.

You can listen to the podcast on all platforms here.

We talk about different scenarios for our future, about tech, stonks in the wake of the Gamestop *insurrection*, dating, traditionalism & returning to nature.

You can find GRIT's sprawling empire here

Or on Twitter at @GRITCULT

On Patreon, this week has been the Very Early Release Week (VERW)

I recorded quite a few great podcasts in the last few weeks, and though I’m keeping the one/week publishing schedule on the public platforms, I’ll upload the episodes as soon as I record them on Patreon, sometimes about a month in advance of public release.

This week I released my episodes with:

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