Subversive: Mary Harrington

Reactionary Feminism, Motherhood, LARP & Good Riddance to Porn

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This week’s episode features the brilliant Mary Harrington. Mary is one of my favorite writers, but I've learned the most from her in matters of feminism, sexuality, and motherhood.

We chat about Mary's concept of reactionary feminism - she almost had me applying for my membership card - about LARP-ing and our fractured, multipolar reality; about porn & censorship and the fact that it's high time to reckon with ubiquitous and often abusive forms; about not being sex-positive, and about the ravages of hyper-liberalism.

Mary writes primarily for Unherd, and her Twitter feed is an excellent place to find her latest projects - @moveincircles.

The audio is here.

Next week’s episode features a cozy chat with the prolific effort-poaster Kashiwagi @kwamurai.

We talk about the Capitol riots as a reason for optimism and/or sheer terror, marketing memes, the influence of the fringes, face-posting vs. being anonymous & how things could shift with the rise of a new counter-elite.

I'm being interviewed just as much in this one -  I tell the story of my time at Vice, the monoculture of Tech, ethnic tensions in Romania, and how we stumbled onto the darkness of fringe politics. 

Listen to next week's episode