Subversive: Kashiwagi (Kwamurai)

Making Sense, Being Right & The Rise of a Counter-Elite.

Your weekly podcast update.

This week’s episode is a cozy podcast in the wake of the Capitol riots, featuring the formidable poaster Kashiwagi - @kwamurai. 

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We talk about the Capitol riots as a reason for optimism and/or sheer terror, marketing memes, the influence of the fringes, face-posting vs. being anonymous & how things could shift with the rise of a new counter-elite.

I'm being interviewed just as much in this one -  I tell the story of my time at Vice, the monoculture of Tech, ethnic tensions in Romania, and how I/we stumbled onto the darkness of fringe politics. 

For his *intensely insightful* effortposting, visit @kwamurai on Twitter.

Next week’s episode is already up on Patreon and features the brilliant Default Friend.

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Default Friend is a writer, cultural commentator, tech familiar, and, coincidentally, a friend. 

We talk about the future of tech and tech optimism under the dark cloud of a year of skepticism about technocratic forces at work in our world. We also chat about dating, sex work, Mormons, wine aunts, simps & incels. 

A fun conversation with a whip-smart lady. 

You can find her work at and on her Twitter @default_friend

The next guests will be


  • YeerkP

  • David Reaboi

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