Feb 6 • 15M

Roy Baumeister - No Escape From Human Nature

I'm joined by the legendary social psychologist to discuss the downfall of his field, men, the nature of evil, the self and more.

Subversive is a podcast by Alex Kaschuta about ideas that may not fit neatly into the Overton window and could use a nudge, or a sledgehammer. Alex chats to thinkers across the spectrum from iconoclast philosophers, rogue scientists, *real* journalists, and our true intellectual elite, Twitter anons.
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We speak about the replication crisis, particularly in psychology, men and women and their tensions in the workplace and beyond, the problem of evil, low infant mortality, low war casualties, his sexual economics theory, the self and how we perceive it, and much more.

Roy F. Baumeister is a social psychologist, the author and co-author of many books, am…

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