Ok, what now?

A few practical thoughts for those on the wrong side of history.

The last few days have hopefully shaken some sense into you.  

Riots are no longer the voice of the unheard but the dark heart of fascism. ACAB is momentarily suspended because the bastards finally killed the right unarmed woman. Twitter moderates the discourse through cluster bombs of suspensions for the-bad-guys™️ while Khomeini continues to frolic with genocidal metaphors about the Jewish tumor - and Cthulhu keeps on swimming. 

As you viscerally sense by now, the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is how they align with power. And if you're reading this, you've probably noticed your interests run parallel to power. They are on another plane altogether. 

Are you feeling refreshed yet? 

If you had any illusions about your status in the current regime, forget them now. You are not part of a constituency. You are something to be disavowed, a stain of sorts, someone with a sordid history, with nebulous ties to dark powers and a scapegoaty vibe.

If you want nothing from your government or our tech-mediated equity superstructure except to be left alone, even worse. Your crime is that they have nothing to sell you, and your nebulous evil is the product. You can still play in the halls of power, of course, but you either have to thoroughly disavow yourself or nurse grievances you scarcely knew you had with extraordinary gusto - or be a Biden or something. A shady deviant like you would not fit in anyway. 

So, what do you do? 

In an excellent piece that you should read about your new option of Government as a Service, recently unpersoned Twitter anon Indian Bronson also talks about Voice vs. Exit. Voice is what happens in a democracy when you make a big fuss with people like yourself and get your way. Unfortunately, your way has to be somewhere in the realm of possibility and pretty much align with power to even be on the table, so tough luck. 

The next possibility is exit.

Exit is when you take your toys and go. 

Exit is what's happening in California. It's what's happening in many big cities around the world. It's what I've done, and many others like me have or are doing right now. 

Exit is not about changing location, or at the very least, not just about that. It's about understanding where you stand and minimizing dependence on a system that is not built for you. It's recognizing that in this system, your mere unbowed existence provides the necessary fuel to spin the wheels of power. Don't flail around. If you act, act with precision and forethought. And remember, there is nothing you can do that is not bad, for you are bad.  

But exit also means returning to base reality, to meatspace, to your family, to whatever's left of your group of friends. It means returning to the materiality of building a shelf, cooking a meal, canning some pickles, of learning how to be essential for the people who matter, support them when you can, and make being-that-person a priority. Politics matters, don't get me wrong, but personal virtue matters more, especially when shit hits the fan.  

Exit also means returning to your body. It means abandoning the "my body is a rollercoaster" meme that marketing is so good at selling you and loving it for its health and vitality. It means being as strong and beautiful as you can be and learning how to take care of yourself and others.

Exit also means making the best use of what you have, your skills, your connections, the tools at your fingertips, to be able to get to a point where the sword of Damocles isn't perpetually hanging over you. Despite cultural scarcity, these are still bountiful times. I know this is easier said than done, but if you're reading this, I'm confident you can get there. You need less than you think and can do more than you imagine. No need to bow unless you convince yourself you have to.

Exit means assessing your life on your terms.

We're living in history. It's vivid, palpable every day that this is a time when our future is forged. Pointing out the contradictions at the heart of a regime that has no use for you outside the scapegoat box is fun, and I will continue to do so, but it's high time to bring some realpolitik into our own homes and build from there. Reality has a conservative bias, after all.

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