Katy Faust - Our Children's Forgotten Rights Listen now (65 min) | My conversation with writer, activist and overall powerhouse Katy Faust on what we owe our children and the future.
Open Thread: How do you find beauty in your life?I’ve been thinking a lot about how we cultivate and bring beauty into our lives. I’m currently doing a bit of a DIY renovation of the house, set…
Some podcasts and some new writing
Alex Kaschuta - Making Motherhood From Scratch (Solocast)Listen now (60 min) | A subscriber exclusive episode covering how I went from completely numb to the idea of having children to avid pronatalist and all…
A forensically dissected divorce, the era of living in public, and what we could learn from it. A few thoughts on the infamous Agnes Callard essay.
Nightmare Vision & Future Moldovan Citizen: May You Live In Interesting Times Listen now (99 min) | An exciting and rare double feature with two of anon Twitter's most fascinating denizens, the Night Owls
Open Thread: How many kids do you (want to) have? There’s a lot of ink being spilled over the fertility crisis, but in the end, barring a revolution, getting above replacement will have to be th…

February 2023

Carl Trueman - A Hidden Revolution of the SelfListen now (59 min) | The early release of my conversation with theologian Carl Trueman on how our perception of the self has shifted and what it means…
A few thoughts on Eastern Europe as a bastion of the BASED
Elon Bachman - Minds Evolving OnlineListen now (80 min) | My conversation with anonymous writer, alpha nerd and one of the last libertarians in our online waters.
Nathan Cofnas - On The Jewish QuestionListen now (84 min) | A wide ranging discussion on one of the least openly discussed issues of our time with a man deeply in trouble with both the left…
Open Thread: How did you find community? I’m trying something new today, an open thread with a question. In this case, it’s a question that’s been challenging for me, and maybe we can f…